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Hire our Surprise-Singers for your wedding – we are the UK’s most popular surprise singing waiters.

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Are you looking for surprise wedding entertainment? Hire our Surprise Singers for your wedding – we are the UK’s most popular singing waiters.

Are you a couple about to be married? Or are you helping plan your daughter or son’s wedding? Or maybe you’re planning a surprise for your husband or wife to be? Then look no further than the Surprise-Singers!

Our singers have performed at literally hundreds of weddings across the globe, and you can see from our testimonials just how popular we are.

We love creating a bespoke experience, tailored just for you. Our aim is to make it a wonderful memory for you and your guests that will last a lifetime.

Responsive and friendly communication

Professional, trained and interactive performers

Quality PA sound system and radio microphones

Bespoke performance

Concise contracts and clear payment process

Liaison with event coordinator at the venue

PLI and PAT certificates

Acting during drinks reception and meal service

Surprise Wedding Entertainment to Remember!

Here at the Surprise-Singers, we decided to take the concept of ‘wedding singers’ and give it a unique makeover. There’s no denying that there are plenty of fantastic singers available for you to book, but no one creates a performance quite like we do! We are proud to say that we have the best performers available in the UK who are all trained to our very high standards.

We make sure to cater to all tastes. Are you an opera fan or do you prefer pop? Maybe you would like a combination of a few different genres to suit two families coming together as one? We’ve got you covered. Not only are our singers well trained, they are versatile too!

Working together, with you and the venue, we will plan the day right down to the most intricate of details.

• We’ll find out about your musical preferences
• Create a plan that fits in with your schedule and venue
• Get to know your guests so that we can ‘play with’ the big personalities on your special day

Worried about your in-law’s approval? Don’t be, we guarantee we’ll have them dancing and singing along.

Wondering whether to invite your hard-faced boss? We’ll have them on their feet doing a kick line to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” or even playing air guitar to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” – and why not? It’s your big day. There is so much to celebrate!


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More About our Fabulous Surprise Packages

Surprise Singers Package 1

For the best surprise entertainment available in the UK book with the us!

Our Surprise Singers offer the perfect choice in Surprise Entertainment. We create the incredible WOW moment at Parties, Weddings and Corporate Events. With the very best performers available, both male and female, we provide a performance that will have guests laughing, dancing and gasping in surprise!

Surprise Singer Vocalists

Our performers are not only fantastic vocalists they are also excellent actors with a wealth of experience. They blend effortlessly among guests, cleverly disguised as waiters or chefs etc, complete with matching uniforms. As your guests arrive, our performers will meet and greet, and work alongside real catering staff, serving food and drinks. Service will continue right up to the pre-arranged moment, when they suddenly burst into song, much to the amazement and surprise of everyone around them!

A fantastic repertoire

With our fabulous comprehensive repertoire of songs, the performance can be tailored to your specifications, so you can choose songs anywhere from the 60s to current chart hits, or a particular genre for your themed wedding or event! A typical performance following 60 minutes of waiter service, is usually 30-40 minutes long, though can be customised as appropriate to perfectly suit your event.

The Ideal Wedding, Party or Corporate Event Entertainment

This is the ideal entertainment to fit a whole host of events from weddings to formal dinners, so how the reveal is delivered is entirely up to you. Choose to give your guests the personal touch and have our surprise singers mingle from table to table or have a loved one or guest of honour serenaded, with a special song of your choice! Surprise-Singers performng as singing waiters have become a hugely popular choice of entertainment. And will definitely appeal to all fun-loving people!

Take your event to the next level with our surprise singers

Surprise Singers Package 2

Surprise-Singers have the best performers in the UK today.

Having amassed years of experience, our Surprise-Singers are the ultimate crowd pleaser, surprising guests at Weddings, Corporate Events and Parties. Our charismatic and skilled entertainers offer a first-class show, incorporating, laughter, banter, great music and stunning vocals while delivering the surprise no one will be expecting!

Professionally Trained Entertainers

All of our amazing entertainers are professionally trained, with credentials in singing, dance and drama. Our Surprise-Singers have a wealth of performance experience. Our entertainers come from backgrounds in Musical Theatre, top West End Shows, and Stage and TV appearances.

Here at Surprise-Singers, we have an extensive repertoire that includes music from the 60s to present-day chart hits, swing, jazz, pop, soul and even classical or Opera music, so you can enjoy the perfect musical surprise for your event.

Pre-arranged big reveal

Before the start of your event, we will liaise with you or your event coordinator to ensure all the details are in place and ready for the big reveal. The show can be tailor-made to include specific requirements. Further to this, we can include a special song at your wedding breakfast, or for a loved one you want to be serenaded.

Disguised as Waiting Staff, Catering Staff or even Party Guests, we will "work the room", greeting guests, assisting with service and blending in effortlessly, building to a truly memorable moment no one will see coming!

Package 2 is similar to package 1 with an extra 60-minute performance later in the evening from our brilliant performers, if you are getting married we can even learn and perform for your first dance (at no extra cost to you).

For the ultimate in Surprise moments and stunning Singing Entertainment, choose The Surprise-Singers for your event!

Surprise Singers Package 3

Surprise-Singers provides the very best in Secret Entertainment.

Perfect whether your event is a Corporate Function, Party or Wedding,  our undercover surprise singers are a must for the ultimate in musical and wow moment entertainment. We only offer performers who have an array of expertise in the entertainment industry.  We deliver a show that is light-hearted and full of energy! Just what is needed to add fun and laughter to your event!

Incognito Performers

Our performers go incognito, masquerading as Waiting Staff, Chefs, Guests, Firemen or Security Staff and blend seamlessly among guests at your event. As they act out their roles to perfection, your guests will have no idea that we aren't bona fide staff!

After liaison and planning how you would like the surprise to be delivered, our undercover Surprise-Singers will stay perfectly in character until it is performance time! Our performers cater to a broad variety of tastes from a selection of popular standards and genres. You can tailor-make the theme of your surprise to suit your event.

Fully Contained DJ Set

Once everyone has recovered from the big moment, our talented performers also provide a fully contained DJ set. So you can be sure to keep your Party, Corporate Event or Reception rocking! DJ and Disco's services include a vast catalogue of popular songs from across the decades, and the very best in sound and lighting equipment, guaranteed to fill the dance floor! (Karaoke available on request)

Package 3 is the same as package 1 plus a professional DJ for the evening, click here to book this package

Surprise Singers Package 4

We provide the very best in Secret Entertainment

Surprise Singers Package 4: Unleash the Magic of Unforgettable Entertainment!

Are you ready to elevate your Wedding, Corporate Event or private party to extraordinary heights? Look no further! Here at Surprise-Singers we proudly offer the best in surprise entertainment and bring you this dazzling package 4 that promises an enchanting blend of talent, versatility, and personalised charm.

Experience the best:

With one, two, three, or more outstanding performers! Our team of male and female performers are ready to captivate your guests with a repertoire of music spanning the '60s to current chart-topping hits. Whether you're planning a wedding, party, or corporate event, our Surprise-Singers guarantee an unparalleled musical experience tailored just for you.

Musical tapestry across genres:

From Opera classics to well-known and interactive tunes to dance-floor anthems, our performers weave a diverse tapestry of musical genres to engage your guests. Check out our tried and tested song list and let us curate a bespoke musical journey that complements the essence of your event.

Character and Role Options:

Add an element of surprise with our array of characters and roles. Whether it's charming waiters, a chef, or a surprise guest, we have the perfect personas to enhance your event's theme and ambience.

Package 4: (The whole package!)

  • 1 x 60-minute waiting for service at the drinks reception and wedding breakfast or dinner
  • 1 x 30-40 minute mesmerising performance
  • 1 x 60-minute extra live performance from your performers.
  • A professional fully self-contained DJ with their equipment and lighting to keep the celebration buzzing from 7 pm to midnight (Karaoke available upon request).

Make memories that last: Our Surprise-Singers are not just an entertainment choice; we offer a memory-making experience that will linger in the hearts and minds of your guests long after the event concludes. Elevate your celebration with highly recommended entertainment's signature blend of talent, charisma, and unparalleled service.

Book now to secure an unforgettable experience! Contact us today to reserve your date and let us turn your event into a musical masterpiece. Unleash the magic, create memories, and leave your guests raving about the best!

Highly recommended entertainment - Where Every Celebration Deserves a Standing Ovation!

Save time looking around and book the "whole package" with us by clicking on this link.


All we can say is wow! Ian and Kristian were absolutely amazing singers at our wedding. We can’t recommend them enough! So many happy memories were made. Ian and Kristian were so friendly too - thank you so much!

Caroline Woodward


What a great show. The two surprise singers were brilliant, they gave off energy and enthusiasm and lifted the room getting everybody in a great mood, singing and dancing along. Prior to the wedding, the lead performer made contact to introduce himself and double check the songs we wanted and reassure us all. For anybody thinking about booking them, I know it seems a lot of money, but was well worth it.

Jayne Rabone


Everyone is still talking about the surprise singers that performed at our corporate event in the Summer. They were absolutely brilliant! Tracey made booking and planning the act incredibly easy and the quality of the performance was exceptional. Would highly recommend.

Laura Jones

Corporate Event

My daughter's wedding was made even more special by The Surprise-Singers. They acted the part so well even doing the washing up which I thought went beyond the call of duty. They were excellent and certainly gave the wedding celebrations an eventful start. The performance was top notch filling the dance floor even before we had done the speeches, it was always going to be a great evening after that. I think that all my guests commented on how good they were. My thanks to both of them and I hope to catch one of their performances in the future. Big John says thank you as well.

Ian Morton

Wedding Event, Bedfordshire

Crieff Hydro. Hi Tracey , The feedback from everyone is that they really enjoyed it and the surprise went really well. Even Dean and myself who knew about it were still surprised by how well it was done. I'd like to thank you once again for turning this around so quickly at such short notice, really added to the grad ball.


Scotland Crieff Hydro Hotel

The Surprise-Singers were absolutely fantastic and a wonderful pair and everybody loved them. Please can you thank Andrea and her singing partner for me for making our evening one to remember.

Jason Hambleton

George Albert Hotel, Dorchester

Just a line to say thanks to you and your artistes Brad and Andrea, who acted as Surprise-Singers for my husband's 60th Birthday, they were wonderful, everyone really enjoyed their entertainment. Marvellous voices and wonderful renditions of our favourite songs. Please pass on my thanks. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any future clients.

Christine Stead

Birthday Party, George Hotel Stamford.

Just want to say thank you for sending Andrea and Georgina to my son's wedding last Saturday they both did a fantastic job especially when the seating was so tight together and they couldn't always move round, but everyone and for some it the highlight of their day and my son and his bride also said it was something they will never forget. Thank you once again,

Bobbie McNeil

Wedding Event, Winchester

We and everyone had a fantastic day and Karen and Max really did make the day. I'm am sooooooooo so pleased we booked you guys as everyone is talking about you even yesterday I had a message from friends saying what a fantastic surprise ......I can't express how much we enjoyed both the singing and the djing......thank you thank you thank you - Regards two happy Devine's x

Two Happy Devines

Wedding event, Charlton, London



Every event is different, we are proud to provide a bespoke to you surprise-singers service. However, we are consistent and reliable with how the arrangements are made. The lead performer for your booking will be in touch with you to confirm the finer details of the performance ‘reveal’ and song choices. We will also be in contact with the coordinator at the venue to confirm our ‘duties’ and our performers uniform, so we blend in seamlessly with their serving staff.
We arrive well in advance of your guests to set up our sound system and do our soundcheck to ensure none of the guests see us beforehand. We will then disappear and return ready and dressed in the surprise theme chosen. If we’re surprise singing waiters, we shall act as the waiters of the venue, assisting with the service including topping up the wine and water and serving the starters and the main course. At the previously agreed time in service, we will perform our surprise reveal.

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We act as waiters for service which is usually around 60 mins. Our surprise-singers waiters reveal performance is approximately 30-35 minutes in length, (about 7 to 8 songs with guest interactions during and in-between songs). 


Our head office is in Birmingham; however, we have a national team of experienced performers.  No wedding or corporate event is too far for us. We have previously performed at events from Cornwall and Scotland!


Well that is a very good question! Our surprise-singers head office is in the West Midlands and not only do we have an extensive team of excellent performers that are based all over the UK, we also have a huge team of performers who are based in the Midlands. While our performers are of the highest quality, we are able to offer very competitive rates due us saving on the extra travel costs that our Southern-based competitors cannot! Another excellent reason to book with us!

Birmingham, Coventry, Derbyshire, Dudley, East Midlands, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Nottinghamshire, North Staffordshire, Rutland, Sandwell, Solihull, South Staffordshire, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Wolverhampton, Worcestershire.

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Our most popular form of surprise is our singing waiters, but we can also perform as singing chefs, singing guests and much more. We are open to your suggestions!


Please check out our videos from previous events. Understandably due to the nature of the events we perform at and them being private parties or weddings, we are unable to invite guests. 


When it comes to parties, corporate events and weddings we can provide you with the entire daytime and evening’s entertainment. We can give you the surprise element during the meal, but then can also perform a live singing evening show, plus a DJ, giving your guests complete entertainment for the evening. For more information check out our packages 1, 2 and 3 click here. We also have some other fabulous surprises and ideas you may like for your wedding or party click here for more information.

Hire Surprise Wedding Entertainment with Surprise Singers


Yes! You can book as much or as little as you want. The choice is yours. For example, if you’ve already got a DJ booked, you can still book us for a live singing show in the evening or indeed any other entertainment service we offer. 


Yes. We provide all of the speakers and microphones, we’re completely self-contained. We have high-end quality PA sound systems and we use quality bespoke backing tracks.


What makes our Surprise-Singers stand out and above all the others is that all our performers are of a very high standard – they have performed on cruise ships, in west end shows, are highly trained experienced opera singers and are outstanding pop or swing singers – all are brilliant actors too. As well as being very talented they are all reliable, personable, hard-working and totally professional. Once we know the theme, hear your ideas or even your preferred genre of music – we allocate the perfect performers for your party or wedding. 

Call 0121 250 5089 for Surprise Wedding Entertainment with Surprise Singers


Yes. All of our team have public liability insurance of up to 20 million pounds and can provide you with a copy of the certificate should the venue require this.


We suggest at least two, however it depends on how many guests you have and the theme you are envisaging, we can discuss and advise you accordingly. 


We only offer the best performers that suit your event or theme, once we have had a consultation with you regarding your demographic and or theme, we will know which of our performers are perfect for your wedding or party.


This is a very simple process:


  • Get in touch with us and let us know the date of your event, what kind of event it is and the location.
  • We can either discuss your requirements and ideas via email or over the phone. 
  • Once you’re happy with everything that has been discussed and agreed, we’ll email over your contract with all the finer details for your approval.  We send our contracts ‘digitally’ so you just need to sign digitally. (This is much more efficient and easier than printing, signing and putting it in the post.) You can download and print a copy of the contract for your records. 
  • At this time, we will also issue an invoice for the 15% deposit which secures your booking. 
  • The balance will be due 30 days before the event. You can pay this before for your convenience, all monies received will be held in our non-interest accruing client business account (This is a legal requirement for all entertainment service providers). These monies remain in the business client account until after the event takes place.

Why not book Surprise Wedding Entertainment with Surprise Singers

  • We adhere to all the latest government advice regarding live entertainment, no act or entertainer supplied by us will breach these guidelines.
  • Current government guidelines regarding social distancing are to be adhered to by all event attendees throughout the duration of the event.
  • Should there be another government-enforced lockdown, any agreed contracts become null and void with no liability attached to the hirer, entertainer or contracting agent.

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