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Events and parties across the country came to an abrupt pause in March this year, but with the UK slowly releasing restrictions for gatherings and events, there is still time to make the most out of 2020 with an outdoor party. Whether you have a children’s party to plan, a special birthday to celebrate, you are getting married, or even if you are throwing an anniversary party, we can supply entertainment for all occasions.



With outdoors being the new indoors, the show can and will go on! No matter what the size of your outdoor space is, we offer a plethora of ideas and entertaining solutions to ensure your party is as fun as it is memorable. 

Outdoor party entertainment


One of the best ways to start planning the perfect event or outdoor party is with a theme! Creating a theme will allow your imagination to get lost in the myriad of possibilities to wow and amaze your guests. If you are short on ideas, that is what we are for! We can use our vast experience to help you really create the perfect outdoor party entertainment and atmosphere for your event.


Singing Princess Party

Bring some magic and wonder to a children’s party with a fancy-dress Princess party. With singalong songs from your favourite princess along with some party games.

Music and Mud Festival

Tell your guests to whack on some wellies, and we will supply the socially distant band that brings Glastonbury to your garden.

Tribute Acts

We have a wide range of amazing tribute acts that can all perform live, at your outdoor event and bring your idol to your DOORSTEP! (We have the most comprehensive roster and the finest tribute acts available in the UK – we specialise in tribute acts)  From Bruno Mars, to Ed Sheeran and from Dolly Parton to, Michael Buble and many more..

Comedy Shows

They say laughter is the best medicine and who doesn’t like to laugh? Imagine the fun a comedy act could bring to your event.



Are you Covid-19 secure?
  • We adhere to all the latest government advice regarding live entertainment, no act or entertainer supplied by us will breach these guidelines.
  • Current government guidelines on social distancing to be adhered to by all party members throughout the duration of the event.
  • Should there be another government-enforced lockdown, any agreed contracts become null and void with no liability attached to the hirer, entertainer or contracting agent.
How do I make a booking?

Firstly, let us know the date, the location and the kind of entertainment you are interested in, we will email over some ideas with links to the act or band’s page on our website, so you can view videos and other information about them.

Or you select the entertainment you’re interested in and either submit an online enquiry or give us a call on 0121 250 5089 to discuss.

Once you’re 100% happy that the act is right for you, we’ll issue a booking contract to you and the act. You then pay a small deposit, which can be made by, BACS with your online banking or cheque. The balance is due just before the event and will remain in our secure ‘client account’ until the event has taken place.

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay your deposit by cheque, BACS Internet transfer.

Will the band or tribute vocalist provide his or her own sound equipment?
If required then yes, in 99.9% of cases every act or band will be fully self-contained and provide everything they need in order to perform at your event.
How do I amend or change details of a booking?

Simply speak to or email us and they will arrange any changes to your booking. In some circumstances, EG: requesting the act or band to perform for longer or arrive earlier, additional costs may be incurred.

It’s important that any amendments are reflected on your contract and this can only happen by us issuing a newly amended contract (we don’t charge a fee for this). Please do not agree any amendments with the act or band themselves otherwise they will not be covered by your old contract and there is a possibility that any changes will be forgotten.

How do I cancel a booking?

Sometimes clients are faced with an unfortunate situation where they need to cancel a booking. We are sympathetic to the fact that the reason for cancellation might be distressing and difficult to discuss. Please be assured that if you need to cancel a booking, we will always treat you with respect and consideration for your circumstances.

Re-arranging a booking
Re-arranging a booking is possible but it is still technically a cancellation. The difference is that often an act or band won’t charge a cancellation fee to re-arrange a booking providing they’re available on the date you want to swap to and you’re not re-arranging with such short notice that they have no chance of re-filling the old date.

If you need to cancel or re-arrange a booking please call us or email us as soon as possible.
In order to ensure we get your message right away, please try to speak to us on the phone highlighting the reasons for cancelling / re-arranging. If you try to cancel a booking by email you must make sure your email is received as spam filters block sometimes emails. Please don’t try to cancel a booking at short notice by email or text as we might not pick it up before the act or band travels to your venue.

Once we know you need to cancel or re-arrange a booking we will contact the act or band to inform them, and we’ll liaise with you to start the cancellation process, including calculating whether any cancellation fees are due, and if so how much.

Consequences and costs of cancellation
All bookings are secured with a legally binding contract and so there are consequences to you cancelling. A cancellation fee will be due from you to the act or band if the reason for you cancelling your booking is not covered by a ‘force majeure event’, and if the act/band is unable to secure another booking of equal value for your event date. If the act/band is able to secure another booking of equal value for your cancelled event date, you will not owe any cancellation fees.

A force majeure event is described in our contracts as ………

A “Force Majeure Event” occurs where a party is unable to comply with its obligations under this Contract for a reason outside of its control (such as war, fire, death, illness or other capacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, national calamity, an order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter, changes in law, foreign government policy, act of God) and which is not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by the act/band or Client (you).

In simple terms, you can only cancel the booking without penalty if you suffer an unforeseeable disaster (often referred to as an act of God) such as falling seriously ill, your venue getting burned down or some other national calamity.

Currently, the cancellation fee thresholds are as follows:

7) Cancellation: if the client/hirer cancels the engagement SS shall notify the artiste(s) forthwith and the artiste(s) shall be entitled to receive compensation as follows:

 a) More than 90 days prior to event date  – 50% of their total fee.

 b) 43 – 90 days prior to event date – 75% of their total fee

 c) Within 42 days of the event – 100% of their total fee

Please also bear in mind that if you cancel a booking for a force majeure reason, the act/band may request proof such as a medical note from your doctor.


What if the singer or entertainer cancels?

Unless you have booked an entertainer who has a provision built into their contract terms which allows them to cancel your booking without penalty due to unforeseen tour / TV work (this is very rare and will have been specifically pointed out to you when you booked them) then the act or band is legally bound to your contract just as you are and they are unable to cancel your booking for any reason other than a ‘force majeure event’.

This means that unless the artist dies, is seriously ill, or is delayed by an accident travelling to your event – then they can’t cancel your booking without being in breach of contract; for which you could sue them for damages.

If the act or band you’ve booked does break their contract, or if they are affected by a force majeure event, then as soon as we know about it, we will inform you and help you to find a suitable replacement act or band. We operate a 24 hour-a-day emergency cover service so even at very short notice, one quick call to let us know there’s an issue and we’re there to support you in finding a replacement.

If an act or band has broken the terms of the contract, we would also support you through taking legal action against them if it’s justified under the terms.

I am unsure I have chosen the right entertainer can you reassure me?

We totally understand concerns about booking an act or band you’ve not seen before. 

However, there are two very good reasons why you shouldn’t worry.

  1. Suprise Singers exists so that you don’t have to do all the hard work of vetting singers, and entertainers yourselves. We do all that for you and only represent those who pass our strict vetting procedure. If you are concerned about quality, don’t be. All the acts and bands we work with are pre-vetted and continually monitored by us to ensure quality is maintained. Our performers are totally professional and have too much at stake to let you or us down.
  2. Every artiste has photos, audio examples and references from previous customers to view on sister website Quinn Artistes listing. The feedback from other happy clients is one of the best ways to calm your nerves and you can hear what each band sounds like from their online audio demos. 
  3. As for any concerns about booking with Surprise Singers, our previous customer references also speak for themselves. You have the peace of mind that comes from booking with one of the UK’s largest live entertainment agency. 
  4. You also have the added security of a comprehensive booking contract and 24-hour emergency support.
What are the benefits of booking with Surprise Singers?
  1. Expert advice and guidance to ensure you’ll get exactly the right entertainment for your party – a bespoke service.
  2. Fast efficient service ensures your questions are answered promptly and you always get as much help as you need, even after you’ve booked.
  3. Safe, secure booking contracts ensure you won’t get messed around and the performance on the day exactly matches what you asked for.
  4. 24-hour emergency service to ensure if the worst happens, someone is on hand to put things right.
  5. Excellent value for money. 
  6. Established, reputable business – we’ve been around for a long time and won’t be moving to abroad as soon as we’ve got your deposit. Your booking is in safe hands.
  7. High-quality artistes – each act is vetted by us before we work with them. Each act is continually monitored to ensure quality and anyone who falls below par is removed from our web site.
  8. Reliable artistes – They are all professional, ethical and have numerous references from previous clients to put your mind at rest.
  9. Easy to use – every step from enquiry to booking process is easy. No jargon, no stress, no hassles. Give us a try and see how easy it is to book amazing live entertainment!
  10. support.
What are the risks of booking an act or band with out using an agency like Surprise Singers?

Although it may be tempting to book a local band or singer there are several good reasons why it’s dangerous to your event and a false economy.

  1. If you book any band directly, you have no real cover if anything goes wrong. If you don’t know the band already they’ll have no loyalty to you and no concerns about ruining their reputation by letting you down, as chances are there will be no way for you to damage their reputation. The biggest danger with booking a band directly is them getting a better offer and pulling out of your event. They can’t do that when contracted via an agency.When booking through Quinn Artistes you are covered by a contract, the act, tribute act or band’s loyalty to us, and you’ll have the help of a professional, reputable organisation to sort out a replacement in the event of an emergency. We do care about our reputation and we won’t let you down.
  2. A local band has no one to answer to but themselves, so quality control, behaviour, song choices, appearance, equipment quality are all totally ungoverned and unmonitored. With us artistes have to first pass our strict application guidelines and then answer to us with every bit of feedback we receive from previous clients. This ensures you’ll get a reliable band and no nasty surprises.
  3. Cheap local bands are likely to sound cheap. Professional function bands tribute acts and vocalist should have much better quality PA systems, lighting, instruments and performance ability. Chances are you’re looking for live entertainment for an important event? Chances are you wouldn’t book the local chip shop owner to run the catering for your event? Why cut corners with the music? You will notice the difference; you will wish you’d booked quality entertainment.  Professional performers provide a totally different service to the bands that busk down the pub on a Thursday night.
  4. If you pay a deposit to a local band and they split up, disappear or stop returning your calls, where are you going to go for help? You’ll end up coming to us anyway and you’ll need to pay a deposit all over again. Book with us in the first place and you’ll have security and no danger of being messed around. The deposit and or full fee is held in a non-interest bearing client bank account and we do not charge an extra fee for this – it’s all part of the service.
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